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-game-app. . . nk-showbox-525-mod-apk-ad-free-app-watch-latest-movies-tv-shows-game-app. In the final hours of his presidency, Barack Obama used the bully pulpit to defend Edward Snowden and urge the Senate to pass the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, the Obama administration’s most ambitious attempt to resolve the internet privacy paradox. Snowden’s leaks have provided evidence of how the U.S. government spies on the rest of the world and restricts internet freedoms at home. “[T]he intelligence community was often the first to point out that the digital age has blurred the line between criminal investigations and national security activities, and that has created the potential to conduct one kind of investigation in a way that violates the privacy and civil liberties of citizens of other countries,” Obama said during his final speech to the nation. He explained that with no “enemies” to turn to, “we have instead decided to focus on citizens who don’t pose a threat.” Obama was talking about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the secretive federal court that approves the government’s most controversial surveillance measures. Since the 9/11 attacks, the FISC has repeatedly ruled that the government cannot stop Americans from communicating with one another. But this is changing: Since 2014, the Justice Department has argued that the FISC’s protection for American communications should be eliminated in order to facilitate government access to the private data of foreigners. The Obama administration wants to change the law so that the government can go even further and demand information from internet service providers without judicial oversight. By granting companies the authority to hand over user data to the government, the administration will have unfettered access to some of the most private information of citizens around the world. In the speech, Obama promised that the Senate would get its cybersecurity bill done in the remaining hours of his administration. But this is unlikely to happen. Members of both parties have criticized the bill, which will also put the government in charge of private industry’s security practices. “The White House only makes a piecemeal approach in which they seek to maximize their political influence, and have an infrastructure of their own… that they use to influence the politics of the country and not to govern,” Michael B. Mukasey, a former U.S. attorney general,




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3gp Avventurieri Ai Confini Del Mondo Movie
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